My internship with Harva - Pamela from Chile

Hi everyone!
I'm Pamela. I'm 26-year-old advertising person. I have lived in Helsinki for three years now. I came here for love as I met my husband in Chile who back then was doing his exchange studies in Santiago. If i hadn't met my husband I would have never had an opportunity to visit this far away country and to be honest I had no idea where Finland was located in the map. ( Sorry for my ignorance as there are a lot of Finland-fans in Chile, but most of them listen to heavy metal).
My internship with Harva - Pamela from Chile
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I have been studying Finnish for one year now in one of the government's intensive English courses which consists of 5 hours of studies per day from Monday to Friday. The course has been very, very, I repeat, very intensive. It is many-sided course that gives you the opportunity to take part to the Finnish society as it also consists of two practical trainings in Finnish in your professional area or in some other area of work which you prefer.
I wanted to have my practical training in my professional area so I wouldn't forget what I've learned so far. I decided to do my practical training in Harva Marketing, I came to the company through its creative director Ville Teikko and started my two months practical training.
The practical training was very interesting and I was able to practice my skills by creating graphics for important brands and I also learned a little about the Finnish working culture.
I have to say my Finnish is in no way good, but I was able to get by with the help of English which always saves you in Helsinki, where everyone speaks almost perfect English.
But I think that it's fundamental to know Finnish if you wish to be able to find work as you will need it to be able to work well as a team with your co-workers and to be able to take part in different types of activities.
Never give up and follow your dreams. Sometimes the life in Finland can be a bit harsh because of it's long winter, but you will fall in love with it's beautiful landscape and culture.
I appreciate the opportunity that the company gave me and although I didn't speak too much Finnish, they trusted in my skills and professionalism.
Kiitos paljon,
Pamela Salinas