Marketing automation

HubSpot as a marketing automation tool.

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Marketing automations in a nutshell

Automations simplify both sales and marketing operations, eliminate manual tasks and improve the customer experience. Automations allow you to automate, for example:

  • All social media publications as well as newsletters
  • Your website forms follow-up messages and aftermarketing
  • Lead management and contact processes
  • The content displayed on your website if the user is identified by cookies

HubSpot as a marketing automation tool

HubSpot is the world's most widely used CRM tool for automating and personalizing all your marketing efforts. The reason for HubSpot's popularity lies in its versatility: it brings together the most important tools for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and customer service.

HubSpot includes a wide range of tools, e.g. content marketing, social media marketing, analytics, customer relationship management, web and landing page creation, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

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