Sales Representatives and Promoters

Harva WaveCrest provides in-store professionals who bring flexibility and efficiency to maintaining reseller relationships in all the Nordic countries.

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Dedicated sales representatives

We employ several part-time and full-time sales representatives who take care of the sales and customer work of our client companies. For example, sales representatives can sell new and assorted products in stores, provide related training for in-store staff, and take care of dealer relationships in general.

The work supervision and management of the sales representative is agreed on a customer-by-customer basis. If necessary, the sales representative will have access to tools right in the car and software that will allow them to plan and report store visits.

Experienced promoters

The promoter takes care of the displays and the visibility of the shelves at the points of sale and, if necessary, presents the new products to the store staff. If agreed, the brand can also take care of placing additional orders.

From us, you can get a sales representative as a service or even outsource the entire organization. Our trained team is particularly familiar with Kesko's store environment, taking care of presentation, shelving and campaigns, among other things.

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