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We create content that appeals to the right audience and comes across at the right time, in the right media.

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Content marketing in a nutshell

Content that is valuable to customers and helps them with their needs is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. Professionally designed and produced content serves the customer at all stages of the buying path: attracting attention, building interest, developing a buying desire, and making a decision. A company without content marketing is like a dumb market seller without product signs - no one sees, hears or knows what you have for sale or why should they buy anything from you.

Determining the correct content format

Our expertise at Harva WaveCrest is to help you figure out from which media your target audience can be reached for and what kind of content is appealing to them. We’ve done marketing in almost every industry and analyzed the results of thousands of marketing campaigns, which is why we know all the tricks of content marketing.

Content can be all kinds of text, images, audio recordings, and videos that are used to develop a company’s brand or increase sales, for example. Today, the most common content on B2B marketing are various expert blogs and brand videos. On the consumer side, a lot of images are also still being used and there is also a rapidly rising use of influencer marketing.

The content must serve the customer

Content can serve a customer in many ways, such as entertaining or teaching. Properly designed and targeted content will serve the customer at the right time in their buying path. If your customer doesn’t already own your product, they won’t need tips on using it either – and once they own your product, they will no longer want to see ads for your similar products.

Optimize content based on data

Any marketing channel is useless if it is not filled with the right kind of content. The mere presence does not serve the sender or the recipient of the message.

Content produced or generated for social media is increasingly seen in other marketing channels. The strategy of social media cannot be separated from other marketing.

Conversely, content made for marketing purposes should not be inferior in quality to other media content. In practice, a native advertising article should offer more interest than editorial content, and a YouTube ad should be more engaging than the video in which it is displayed.

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